You are personally invited to cross the river from separation to unity.

At this auspicious time, each of us and all of us are free to pass from the fear and confinement of life apart to the blissful fulfilment of life in the whole.

We people of Earth are like caterpillars come to the time when they may turn into butterflies. We have crawled through the painful alienation of otherness for so long that many of us believe there is no alternative. But soon we'll be able to open brilliant new wings and fly free within the life of the One.


This doesn't mean dying, but rather realizing the truth of life without the familiar requirement of physical death. When you cross this river, you dissolve a closed and painful life by birthing an open and joyful one. Right here on Earth!

Are you ready to discover the universal version of yourself? This website offers resources to anyone who wishes to pass from the separation of Otherness to the unity of One.


Crossing the river from the desert of separation to the meadow of unity depends upon your intention. It's a choice you make in your heart.

Many of us have progressed in life with the help of various codes of belief, knowledge and practice. Yet no matter how effective these are, or how diligently we apply ourselves to them, none of us can cross into unity without making a clear choice in the heart.

Someone who claims no special knowledge or resources can still regain the whole of life with a simple choice in her heart. By contrast, someone who somehow receives complete knowledge and resources may still not regain the whole of life without genuinely intending this. Crossing the river is a matter of personal choice!

If you are ready to cross the river to life in the One, find and follow your innermost feelings. You need not immerse yourself in a maze of thoughts about principles and methods. Work and play from the centre of who you are!

Once you make the choice for unity, you can leave its execution to life itself. Live within your choice and allow it to unfold through all the many parts of your life. Your passage across the river may not always feel easy, fast, or smooth... but you will cross the river if you choose!

You will pass from separation to unity in your own unique way and according to your own special schedule. Because each of us is uniquely made and motivated within the whole of life, regaining that whole will come to each of us uniquely, and according to our own choices.

How to cross the river? It's all in your choice!


If you tire of living apart and long for the bliss of universal life, you are free to cross the river that flows between the Other and the One.

You may cross into unity when you are genuinely ready to surrender a life apart from all that is. Then you may gain a personal life at one with life itself. To do this you need to travel only to the centre of yourself!

There is nothing wrong with the choice of separation, and each one us is free to stand apart for as long as we choose. It's always our own choice.

So why cross the river? Because realizing your life in the whole of life is thrilling and blissful! Contrary to popular belief, true fulfilment is now also readily accessible. This is because at this particular time our planetary home is shifting quickly into the light. You don't have to go anywhere, buy anything or submit to any authority to pass into unity. You just have to open your heart.

Why cross the river? Why not!



It’s a very auspicious time to cross the river from separation to unity. Even so, only you can choose your direction. Crossing to unity begins if and when you say it does!

This is a deeply personal choice. The only judgments and limits that can really hold you back are the ones you impose on yourself. Some people will cross this river sooner, and some will cross it later. Some people appear to have no desire to cross the river at all!

Even so, humanity as a whole also has consciousness and choice. And our collective choice has now been made for unity. Thus our world must pass from fear to love, and from suffering to fulfillment.

No matter what happens as we enter the re-making of our world, remember that every choice is God's choice. This is because every one of us is actually a manifestation of God. You will cross the river to life in the One whenever you decide to realize this for yourself.

When to cross the river? That’s a choice we make in the heart!

many butterflies


God is pure consciousness, or consciousness itself. All created things — including you — are made of and by this consciousness. God creates in endless diversity in ecstatic celebration of possibility.

Because you are made of God, you can realize your essential nature as God. Then you may enjoy unfettered access to anything and everything. You can know, feel and experience all that you might wish for... including creations of your own.
If God is at the centre of your heart, then in your essence you are God. That is the essential nature of yourself and everyone you will ever meet. Just like you, everything in our universe is made of God and lives and breathes within God.

When we deny this home truth, we inevitably live apart from God and every other person and thing. This way of life is lonely and hard. Yet if you allow that God is your innermost nature, you will come to realize your life within God and your oneness with all that is. It's your choice!