Reality originates in our thoughts and comes into form through our deeds. Human speech is an extraordinary form of action that brings thought immediately into form through sound. When we speak, we create our lives. In the past, we've perpetuated our suffering with an endless stream of negations, limiting remarks and outright curses. But now we can regenerate our lives with positive statements and affirmations of our true nature.

How to Cross the River gives thirteen steps to release our old experience of separation and open the way to a new life in unity. Readers of this resource are invited to become speakers: to bring our new world into form, and renew their own lives in the process.

The Little Book of Big Affirmations will serve those who have come to their time of facing God within. Potent affirmations of self-restoration are complemented by case studies and guidance for making your own affirmations.

If you feel ready to re-make your reality with your spoken command, these tools will gently and firmly support you. Buy them here as downloadable PDFs.