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Until now we've held ourselves apart from the universe and lived in loneliness and fear. But the key to universal life is given back to us now, and each one of us is free to choose afresh. Just as caterpillars become butterflies, those who crawl in separation can reconstitute themselves to fly in unity.

Restoring Oneness combines the influential spiritual volumes of The Butterfly Trilogy. This book will serve as a guide to anyone seeking a clearer sense of personal choice as one age ends and a new one begins.

Sex in God establishes that sexuality is not opposed but rather native to divinity, and that our sexual desire is integral to universal development.

Ecstasy in Unity heralds the wondrous metamorphosis that is coming now to Earth, as we regain the realization that all things at their centre are One.

Azimuth for New Earth    further explains personal and planetary transmutation, and tells how we will make the journey to a New Earth.

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Download Cross the River, the free condensation of Ecstasy in Unity.


If this literature inspires you, and your native language is other than English, you might wish to join our work as voluntary translator. Our friend Peter Ekl translated Cross the River – the free condensation of Ecstasy in Unity that you can download above – into his native German. Peter enjoyed doing that so much he eventually translated all the writings of Petrus into German! We’ve shared this labour of love by publishing his translations and duplicating this website in German. And we intend to add other languages as others follow Peter Ekl’s inspired example. If you love this message, are good with language, and have lots of spare time, please help us spread the word!