Few books of our time can genuinely help us prepare for what comes next, because this time is now ending. Conventional wisdom becomes one of many things we must release to wholly renew our lives.

What might one read to prepare for the next reality of Earth? The books of Petrus are not merely new books; they are books from the future. Their wisdom, beauty and power are not of this Earth, but of the New Earth that is gestating in our hearts.

Restoring Oneness is the complete edition of the Butterfly Trilogy. This book tells what is happening as an old age comes to its end and a new age begins. These accessible books will aid anyone seeking a clearer sense of personal choice in this remarkable context.

The Discourses are brief lyrical essays of interest to anyone who is already aware of Earth's transit from separation to unity. These potent works will inform and inspire those who have resolved to live on New Earth.

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