Petrus writes about humanity's present passage from fear to love through the realization of God within ourselves. Born in Canada in 1958, this author began a sustained practice of meditation at the age of 18. He pursued his education in the social sciences and a career in international and organizational development.

The focus of his efforts shifted dramatically in 2001, when he first encountered sacred geometry, and began building and sleeping in a series of space-frames using fractal symmetry and the golden ratio (1.618...). These devices concentrate the life force and enable cosmic resonance. With their aid, the author shifted his awareness from separation to unity, and began to think and communicate from his higher self. Petrus composed The Butterfly Trilogy and his Discourses to share a new perspective on our experience as a journey from self-denial to self-realization.

One preface explains this effort:

Not long ago a miracle happened in my life. My heart opened to universal love and my mind opened to universal truth. I saw past the blinding constraints of our accustomed experience on Earth and into vast and brilliant realms of freedom and joy. I was drawn up by unseen beings – implausibly and unaccountably – into those greater domains. And many blessings came into my life.

I wrote from a desire to share this experience. Although these books are not channelled literature, they did come from a higher or greater aspect of myself than I had previously acted from. My experience of moving beyond this world enabled me to connect with aspects of myself beyond this incarnation, and my spiritual writings are products and emblems of that process.

I seldom knew what I would write before I actually put my fingers on my keyboard. Most often I was thrilled with what came out, but sometimes I was uncomfortable with it or unsure of my right to present it. I did not claim authorship with my personal given names because the author – although present within my incarnation – seemed much larger. Yet as the days and seasons pass, I gradually grow into my higher self. And so do we all: as our world passes from absence to presence, and humanity begins a great evolutionary leap.

The author continues his work with consciousness and form at his base in Toronto, where he's preparing a new book on this subject.